Black Trumpet Mushrooms 1oz


Totally gothic lolita, this mushroom is wearing black velvet, black stockings, buckled black mary janes, and too much eyeliner. Yet it comes off classy, svelte, and so darn chic.


Also known as the black chanterelle, horn of plenty, black trumpet, and trumpet de la mort or “trumpet of the dead” based on the imagery that buried corpses are playing these fungal horns from beneath the ground. The outside can be rather waxy and black, but the inner part of the horn is usually velvety and charcoal grey. It’s a rather morbid looking specimen with an aroma of air-cured beef. The flavor is highly prized and tastes of an overripe washed rind cheese or a black truffle. The texture is close to that of a soft piece of dry mozzarella when reconstituted.

These little lolitas are best cooked up in risottos, ragus, or minced with a bit of pork and shallot and stuffed into ravioli. In addition, black trumpet mushrooms are also excellent served with fresh gnocchi and dressed in gremolata.