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If you live anywhere near the Los Angeles area, you’ve no doubt heard of  Buy White Angel. Breeders simply go by the name White Angel Farms and have created this 50/50 strain by triple backcrossing White Widow with SFV OG. A true California native, this strain will knock anyone flat on their ass in no time at all while keeping users incredibly happy about it.

Buckle up ladies and gentleman, Buy White Angel is here to take you to heaven with a 30% THC average. Her buds are quite large and resemble grapes with a plethora of orange pistils and enough white trichomes to sink a battleship. Flavors and aromas do tend to differ a bit here, with a taste of citrus and pine that’s offset by a diesel note on the exhale. Upon burning, these nugs take on a more harsh bouquet of scents with diesel, earth, and a more sour fruit smell.

Depending on what you have going on during the afternoon, you might want to save this bud for just before bed, or if you’re bold, use her as a mid-day strain to help drown out the noise at work.  Buy White Angel offers an instant high that’s long-lasting and intense, bringing you to a state of pure relaxation with ease. Your mood will be lifted higher than the pearly gates themselves, yet your thoughts will be hazy and unfocused. Many find they become aroused due to the body tingles this bud encourages.

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