King Trumpet Mushrooms 1oz


Also known as the King Oyster mushroom. Sweet, mellow, meaty, and meant for great things.


The King Trumpet (also known as french horn or king oyster) may politely remind you not to chew with your mouth open or to eat too fast. It’s unseemly. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to realize just how darn scrumptious he is.

The King Trumpet Oyster Mushroom is best addressed with minimal fuss. Reconstitute him in chicken broth and then sauté him up with a sprinkle of minced chives. Perhaps marinate her in honey, mirin, and soy sauce and then toss into a grill basket for a summer meal. A refined stuffing using focaccia, grapes, blue cheese and rosemary would be divine. Remember, it’s all white tablecloth and bone china with these dried portabella mushrooms.