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There are several things in life that can be referred to as a buy little devil. One of them is children, and another is this strain by unconfirmed breeders. In fact, there seems to be a lot of mystery and flat out confusion about Little Devil, as some say it’s the child of Tikun Olam in Israel while others swear that it came from Goldenseed in the UK. Either way, it doesn’t matter much, because this strain offers a lot more that just its heritage.

Buckle up, and this time we mean it. Buy Little Devil is rumored to clock in at a whopping 60% THC! Again, due to the inability to truly hammer down the origins of this strain, some sources report a mere 15% to 18%, but we’re happy either way. Nugs are lovely with wispy hairs and plenty of trichome coverage, and give off a flavor and aroma of lemony sweetness that can be rather pungent.

Depending on who you believe when it comes to THC levels, the effects of buy Little Devil can certainly vary. Yet whether it’s a moderate strain that’s suitable for all users or it’s a monster of a plant, you can expect an uplifting and motivating experience. This strain primarily affects one’s mood, and although it can relax both your mind and body, it mainly brings a sense of creative happiness to your day. Not many strains can find that nice balance between energy and calm, but this one can. Some also note that Little Devil brings up some arousal, although that’s yet to be widely reported.

Most medical patients love this strain for its ability to reduce bodily pain like nothing else, and when you can find an effective medical treatment that also makes you happy, why not? Minor frustrations like cramps or headaches are treated with ease, while others can rely on Little Devil for more bothersome symptoms. Whether you’re feeling depressed or simply just a little run down, this strain is a great option.


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